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Chapter 5 - Situational Approach 22:00 Defined as Different situations require different types/styles/kinds of leadership An effective leader will be able to adapt his or her style based on the needs of the given  situation including the development of the followers  Situational leadership Is comprised of 2 dimensions Directive behaviors (production) Supportive behaviors (people) Which gives us 4 quadrants or 4 basic types/styles of leadership  2 dimensions Directive behaviors Establishing goals Setting timelines Defining roles Clarifying responsibilities Supportive behaviors Asking for input Solving problems Praising Sharing information Listening  Supporting High supportive 
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Low directive  (country club management) Coaching  High supportive High directive (team management) Delegating Low supportive Low directive (impoverished management) Directing Low supportive High directive (Authority-compliance management)
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13112 Class Notes -...

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