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The Rococo  and 18 th  Century France and England  18:31 Antoine Watteau, Return from Cythera , oil on caves, 1717 – 1719 Ambiguous either way doesn’t seem happy slightly damaged, aspect of decay sets the tone for the entire painting not a joy ride, it excludes melancholy returning to civilization, building-signifies civilization moving from right to left, may mean return from the future not engaged to viewers; separated by ditch landscape: hazy, fantasy world, dream like fantasy element: figures in the sky are . . . nymph on right: arms disappeared: feeling of melancholy feeling of melancholy shown as they have to leave the island slightly disrupting intimacy: (right) while he is looking at her, she is looking at the floor (middle) girl slightly looking towards the left (left) Girl looking back brush work further adds to melancholy Compared to Giorgione and/or Titian, Pastoral Concert , c. 1510, oil on canvas drawn into composition only to be excluded Watteau's pushed to back
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Compared to Peter Paul Rubens, The Garden of Love, 1633, oil on canvas Janson 20.6 Aristocratic Subject manner of fantasy Different: Rubens has a space that you can walk right into, engage with Rubens has color, lush Rubens people: detailed, facial expression, prominent like architecture Francois Boucher, Portrait of Madame de Pompadour , 1756 oil on canvas Janson 22.5 Holding book, quill, book shelve: educated woman
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