Film 46 lecture 7

Film 46 lecture 7 - Lecture#7 Citizen Kane exploration of...

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Lecture #7 Citizen Kane - exploration of troubled protagonist Kane, attempt to analyze him from 5 characters. What causes his rise and fall of kane? Inability to love: rosebud. Complex structure- like pulp fiction and memento, jig saw puzzle. Goes over 6 decades of a story. - info spread oblibuely (several points of view) - 5 flashbacks-> people described him/judgements/overlap. Kaleidoscopic character. 8 minute segment: newsreel. What is it’s function? - helps to provide overview of Kane’s life. - It gives us cues of what we are going to encounter. - we see conrete images/events in the newsreel that are important. - the function of the newsreel is crucial because it makes the story coherent. Relates to lumiere brothers theme of reality, and like george melies’ work because it offers a new unigue technique. Beginning/End of Xanidi. – no trespassing, mirror image, indentical reversal camera movement as it moves away form the castle, opposed to the beginning as it moved closer to the castle. - * remember the significance of the lit window. (patterned movement) k’s are motifs, animals, lakes, snowglobes *noted the illumination of the window( creates suspense, serves to make the castle look lonely. * the only time we see Citizen Kane in the presnt is at his DEATH. Viewing (opening scene) Notes - fade in, upward movement of cahin (cloudy, fades to a barbwire, to chain, to gate (K), fade ot castle, the window is illuminted. - slow zoom to window.
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Film 46 lecture 7 - Lecture#7 Citizen Kane exploration of...

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