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Jamilano 1 Mia Jamilano Professor Hand Expository Writing 14 September 2011 In Juhani Pallasmaa’s book, The Eyes of the Skin, Pallasmaa explains the role of the human senses in authentic architectural experiences. With the help of the five, human senses, we are able to capture a better understanding of a certain society and environment because of
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2 architecture. Through architecture, a country’s culture is completely revealed. Architecture is able to uncover and identify a nation’s lifestyle and traditions . These architectural experiences help to understand a country’s culture, religion, and essence because of it’s own distinct, unique, and architectural attributes. Pallasmaa stated, “Architecture, as with all art, … expresses and relates man’s being in the world.” (Pallasmaa 284). A culture’s structures can be distinguished by their architectural styles. For instance, it’s almost second nature to match a country by its famous buildings and structures. When one thinks of China, the image of the Great Wall instantly appears. While Egypt is almost, always associated with the Great Pyramids. As for India, the Taj Mahal instantaneously comes to mind. A country’s architecture plays a huge role in its society. It’s as if their architecture, or architectures, piece the whole nation together as a whole. These majestic and prehistoric structures reflect their countries’ origins, history, and reason. Besides the beauty and distinctiveness each and every piece of architecture holds, its age marks its value and magnitude. In other words, Architecture is timeless. Architecture is comparable to a time machine, sending people of the present day to a proceeding culture and environment. People today can see through the eyes of the past, hear the echoes, cries, and rejoices from centuries before, touch past textures and materials, smell the ancient scents lingering for years, and taste the distinct flavors from long ago by simply being amongst any native architectural structure. This particular and concrete essence is found through architecture. A sole piece of architecture can provide a better understanding and greater appreciation for one’s culture. The Great Pyramids acts as the perfect icon for Egypt, it marks as one of the earliest and
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Expos-Culture&Architectural Spaces - Jamilano 1 Mia...

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