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Lecture 1 - Lecture 1 -Faces in a Cloud expresses one of...

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Lecture 1 -‘Faces in a Cloud’ expresses one of the great themes of the class: the subjectivity of personality theory -What is a theory of personality? -ex: Freud’s psychoanalytic theory (2st great theory of personality) -Freud basically founded the field of personality theory by building the framework of psychoanalysis -Carl Gustav Young is another important figure of the field. He worked with Freud then left him to create his own theory of personality. -The last 120 years or so have evolved in the founding of great theoretical systems of human personality. They are portraits of human existence. They are pictures of human nature and structure. They define what the essential things humans need in life as an infant and adult as well as the difficulties humans are faced with. Almost all of the difficulties are about middle illness and psychotherapy. -Each of the theories also involve what is health, what is the ideal human state, what is the goal towards which we are or ought to be striving towards. Each theory is a picture of the human world and the relationships humans have to the world. Theories can differ drastically. -Freud’s theory pictures people a particular way- and if one uses that theory they will have certain understanding of what a person is made up of, what makes people tick. Young has a very different vision of what it is makes people tick and what important to
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Lecture 1 - Lecture 1 -Faces in a Cloud expresses one of...

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