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Outline Stout & Thurman

Outline Stout & Thurman - Using these two authors...

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Using these two authors, discuss how we construct our ideas of self. How does Thurman support, complicate, or contradict Stout? Thesis: The sum of our past experiences due to fate steers us to our own identities. Paragraph 1: When the going gets tough, it is acceptable to leave our problems in fate’s hands because destiny is inevitable . Like the old saying, what is meant to be will be. Instead of wandering off to search for our identities, we should let our identities stumble upon us instead. –insert college student example here- “When we pretend, we focus our attention on appearing to be right no matter what the reality, we distract ourselves from being awake to what really is going on, and so place ourselves at a disempowering disadvantage” (Thurman 465). “Instead, I let go and relaxed, and soon I was able to orient myself in another way, away from my “self.” I felt like I was slowly but surely loosening my self-centered perspective on life and the world. In a useful way, a strengthening way, I was beginning to experience
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