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I'm sitting in a small classroom filled with children in rugged school uniforms, running around holding various objects. The boys move the worn-down desks and create an area to kick around a soccer ball while the girls play with their dolls in a small circle. I take in the laughter and try and make out what few words of Spanish I hear from the children. I assume that I am in an elementary school somewhere in Latin America. By the sunlight making its way through the windows and showing the dusty atmosphere of the room, I conclude that the students are waiting for their teacher to arrive. I look to my left and I see a wide-eyed boy whose smile shows his missing two front teeth. I can’t help but smile back and as I take in the sight of the adorable boy, I realize that his leg has been amputated and he is in a wheel chair. He then lifts his arms and gestures for me to pick him up. As I comply, I lift his from his chair and sit him on my lap. He averts his gaze to the boys playing soccer and I see his look of both longing and resent. Suddenly, I am
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