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Rxncard8 - Stella Park November 1 2010 RUID Reaction...

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Stella Park November 1, 2010 RUID: 127 00 9366 Reaction Card #7 "Tell me your reflections on the documentary that we watched today." The Sad Truth The documentary "Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History" employs several examples of both overt and adaptive discrimination. The individuals who practiced hate crimes and discriminated against others did so because of their own prejudices and the influence of those around them. Many also seemed to be pressured into joining and expected help and other benefits from the leaders of the Klan. From a third party's view, the rallies and attacks seemed to be result of mob mentality. The hate crimes that were shown such as lynching, beating, and threatening were extreme and I was shocked to see that the group had lasted for so long. Although politicians and other authoritative figures attempted to bring down the Klan, many failed. The Klan seemed to dominate over the judicial system and instead control the decisions and regulations that were passed.
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