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Stella Park November 1, 2010 RUID: 127 00 9366 Reaction Card #9 Find information in the media which reproduces gender inequality. For example, the lyrics of popular songs. Briefly introduce the content. Then, you should discuss why it reproduces gender inequality. Last, tell me whether it is an easy job for you to find information in the media which DOESN'T reproduce gender inequality. The Inferior Other Gender Mainstream music in today's society has completely changed from the type of music and images portrayed from earlier times. As lyrics become more vulgar and provocative, society is becoming more accepting of songs that may portray the other gender as insufficient or inferior. Popular singers and songwriters such as 'Lil' Wayne' have released songs that might seem demeaning towards women. For instance, in his song "Lollipop" his general attitude towards women seem to be somewhat demeaning. However, many of his songs that share the same idea is played on radio stations such as
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