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Spring 2012 - Course No Course Title 705 RESEARCH PROCESS IN NURSING Faculty Sarah Kelly RN PhD 366 Ackerson Hall [email protected]

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Course No: 705 Course Title: RESEARCH PROCESS IN NURSING Faculty: Sarah Kelly, RN, PhD 366 Ackerson Hall [email protected] Home#:732-566-0749 Office #(973)-353-3863 Credits: 3 Semester Offered: Spring 2012, Tues 5:35-8:35 PM Hickman Hall, Rm 201, NB Campus Prerequisites: Statistics Course Co-requisites: Course Description This course focuses on the research process and interrelationships among nursing theory, research, and practice. Types of research and research designs, ethical issues, and the appropriateness of statistical procedures are discussed to help students becoming discerning consumers of research. Objectives Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Describe the basic components of the nursing process. 2. Identify key developments in the history of nursing research process. 3. Describe interrelationships among nursing theory, nursing research, and nursing practice. 4. Contrast the clinical reasoning process and nursing research. 5. Contrast approaches to nursing research and discuss their usefulness for nursing practice. 6. Describe designs used in nursing research. 7. Identify ethical issues related to nursing research. 8. Discuss issues in measurement and in nursing research.
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9. Explain the appropriateness of basic statistical procedures in nursing research. 10. Critically analyze nursing research reports for use in nursing practice. Student Learning Outcomes 1. Evaluate a systematic review, specifically, an integrative review of the literature on a topic relevant to nursing. 2. Demonstrate ability to describe the components of the research process Teaching Strategies Lectures, small group work, written exercises, quizzes, scholarly writing, class discussion Requirements
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Spring 2012 - Course No Course Title 705 RESEARCH PROCESS IN NURSING Faculty Sarah Kelly RN PhD 366 Ackerson Hall [email protected]

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