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New Seasons Stella Park Tree Consultation Professional Email: [email protected] Phone: (201) 741-7197 Fax: (201) 741-3287 Client: Dr. Jason Grabosky Date: December 9, 2010
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New Seasons Phone: (201) 741-7197 Fax: (201) 741-7197 December 9, 2010 Dr. Jason Grabosky Dept. Ecology Evolution and Natural Resources 14 College Farm Road room 144 New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Dear Dr. Grabosky, As per your request, five trees located on the Cook/Douglass Campus in New Brunswick, NJ at Rutgers University were observed. All measurements and observations were recorded from September 20th to October 10th. The appraised values for the following trees were determined by the Trunk Formula Method. Tree 1, a Swamp White Oak ( Quercus bicolor ) did not appear to have any bacterial decay, infections, pest problems, or fungus. The root collar was not exposed. However, there are no symptoms of any root collar disorders such as girdling roots. There is gradual decline in the yearly growth possibly due to accommodation to the new area after transplantation. Based on observations of the delayed growth rate, branching, leaves, and bark the tree is in, overall, good condition. Due to the limitations of the contract, no underground testing was performed. Root and soil testing is heavily encouraged to verify that there is an adequate mineral-soil ratio. Other observations included previous treatments. There were no apparent pruning cuts. There is also evidence of compartmentalization around 5 ft. above ground level in the mid-section of the trunk. By the Trunk Formula Method, the tree is worth an estimated appraisal value of $1,060.00. (Appendix A) Tree 2 which is a Purple Leaf Plum ( Prunus Cerasifera ) did not appear to be in good condition. There was evidence of some decay in the trunk and splitting in the branch bark ridge. The root flare area, or root collar, is not exposed and may be responsible for the poor annual growth and decline of the tree. The open-grown position of the canopy will be helpful once the problems are treated. Although the tree is in very bad condition and health, it should not be deemed a hazard tree as it is possible to restore its health. Since the tree is part of a row of trees of the same species, there is a higher value assigned to the tree. It is worth an appraisal value of $80,100.00. (Appendix B) Tree 3, a Littleleaf Linden ( Tilia Chordata ), did not have any apparent bacterial decay or infections. There were no pest or fungal problems. The root flare area is exposed and the tree appears to be in very good health. The live crown ratio and density of foliage was very high. There are some pruning cuts along the edges of the outer canopy. There is some restrictions to the root growth as the tree was transplanted on a circular structure built above ground. However, the restrictions do not harm the health of the tree. The
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Stella Park New Seasons - New Seasons Tree Consultation...

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