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Stella Park Arboriculture 365 Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolor Quality Observed: No apparent bacterial decay or infections, pest problems, fungus. The root flare area, or root collar, is not exposed. However, there are no symptoms of any root collar disorders. There seems to be a fair amount of yearly growth which indicates good accommodation. The overall health of the tree appears to be good. Measurements Data Diameter breast height (DBH)* 7.8 in. Height 23 ft. Dripline 20.7 ft. Analysis Rated 1-4
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Unformatted text preview: Live Crown Ratio 3 Shape Fill 3 ½ Density of Foliage 3 Dieback 1 *DBH measured 5 ft. above ground level Canopy Observations Canopy Position Intermediate Canopy Shape Pyramidal Other Observations: There are some pruning cuts. The underground root collar may have lead to the gradual dieback of the canopy. The proximity to the other trees in the area may prevent the tree from receiving the maximum amount of sunlight which would consequently deter growth....
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