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Twenge&Thurman Outline 2 - To what extent can a...

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To what extent can a society that labels everyone as special foster a sense of community and empathy? (Because everyone is labeled as an individual, how can we see ourselves as being together?) Thesis: By being comfortable with your identity, accepting other people equally and uncritically is incredibly easier. With this sense of acceptance, society as a whole needs to learn to be more humble, open-minded, generous. Paragraph One: Humble “You become the type of somebody that is viable, useful somebody, not a rigid, fixated, I’m-the-center-of-the-universe, isolated-from-others somebody” (Thurman 462). “You become the type of somebody who is over the idea of a conceptually fixated and self-centered self” (Thurman 462). “The “I” exercises tremendous power over us, and can often lead us to our death” (Thurman 464). “Your new awareness enables you to perceive others as equal to yourself, a part of you, even.” (Thurman 473). “When we recognize the inevitable nonviability of our self-centered reality, it motivates us to engage in the quest for the true nature of the self. It makes it existentially essential for us to pause in our headlong rush through life and turn within, to verify whether the “self” really exists as we feel it does” (Thurman 468). “Self-esteem is often based on solid relationships with others, whereas narcissism comes from believing that you are special and more important than other people” (Twenge 494).
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Twenge&Thurman Outline 2 - To what extent can a...

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