Black Experience in America

Black Experience in America - Black Experience in America...

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Black Experience in America Unity, Diversity, and American Identity o Americans continually search for a sense of unity Black struggle for Inclusion o freedom and American identity o Arrival to 1865--Slavery until 1856, slavery defined blacks; o 1896 to 1954 Legal Segregation—2 nd class status o 1965—Voting Rights Act-Full citizenship after voting rights acts, blacks obtained full citizenship in America o 2008—President Obama: first black president “The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line.” –Du Bois in 1903 Racism still exists today Race and Modernity: o Racism—pigmentation—modern sickness o Democracy, Protestant Reformation, Nationalism nationalism emerges as an extremely important point in reformation; based on idea of creating a sense of belonging; builds groups and is based on ethnocentrism o Slavery/Colonialism Rise of modern slavery the islands around Africa serve as an important factor to the beginning of slavery: the European empire decided to expand to different regions for whatever reasons (money, colony, exploration, etc) into these small islands the Spanish and Portuguese brought disease and illness to these African islands while on the African islands. o Understanding Racism: Hannah Arendt (1906-1975): thought that people need to invent explanations and rationalizations for exploitation. –european wanted to think of themselves as normal, Christian, democratic people with superior civilazation— but on the other hand, they were conquering other people and their land. they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong and they were morally right. racism occurred because of these European attempts to justify slavery and reasons of colonialism…they wanted moral justifications for these morally wrong acts Africa was represented as being not civilized and Europeans thought that they weren’t from the same family as themselves (whites)—believed that there was a link between blacks and gorillas
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Cornel West—Racism: said that racism is a feature of institutions and structures that ensures one group of people have less access to resources both material and intangible o Ancient vs Modern Slavery Slavery—empire: slavery was NOT invention of Europeans but occurred because of their colonization scale Possibility of Manumission: possibility of being set free and being integrated into the society Integration Race—skin pigmentation as a basis for enslavement o Why Africa for slavery? Europe had practiced slavery within their own country as Europe rose politically, they couldn’t conquer the ottoman empire so they decided to go South to Africa. Presence of Ottoman Empire prevented them from getting cheaper labor.
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Black Experience in America - Black Experience in America...

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