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eng becket - Esther Kang Becket Essay Period 1 I How is the...

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Esther Kang Becket Essay Period 1 I. How is the bid for power and integral factor in each of the above dilemmas? In the movie Becket , it is obvious that there is a recurrent struggle for power between the Normans and the Saxons, the Church and State, and also between England and France. Due to the explicit differences in morals and standards between these groups, the issue of power is uncontrollable and is a constant conflict throughout the movie. The motives of Normans and the State is represented by King Henry, and the motives of the Saxons and the Church is mainly represented by Becket. Evident throughout the entire movie, the fight of power between the Normans and the Saxons seems to be an ongoing struggle. A brief history of the Normans and the Saxons begins with the conquering of the Saxon territory by the Normans. Crossing over from Normandy, the Normans overthrew the Saxons in England and took over the thrown. The story of Becket takes place in the midst of the Norman reign in England. The majority of the Saxons still are unhappy with the Normans and their oppression. The Normans continue to abuse their use of power and they enforce strict laws upon the Saxons. Many Saxons in the movie (such as Brother John, the monks, and priests) view Henry and the Normans with hatred for not only taking over their homeland but also for exterminating their culture. In addition, the prime issue of power is conveyed with the Church and the State. The State and the Church have a lot of power in their own ways. Because the people leading each branch have major differences in their morals, the Church and the State have constant issues, which eventually result in the death of Becket. This matter is
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demonstrated in the movie through the fights over tax exemption, military obligation, and criminal jurisdiction. The problem of the tax exemption and military obligation is first illustrated when King Henry petitions the Church for money and soldiers from the country. He demands that he receive both these things in order to cross the channel and go to France so that he could take back the Norman towns that Louis of France had took from him. The Church argues that its main purpose is to assist the king and the country
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eng becket - Esther Kang Becket Essay Period 1 I How is the...

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