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expos assignment 1 - Esther Kang Professor Haladjian 2...

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Esther Kang Professor Haladjian 2 September 2010 Assignment 1: The Power of Context Humans oftentimes characterize themselves with specific traits and qualities; however, the constancy of the different characteristics is altered by the situation that the person is in and can cause subtle or even dramatic changes. The Power of Context suggests that what we think of as inner states are actually powerfully and imperceptibly influenced by seemingly inconsequential personal influences (Gladwell 243). Psychology supports this idea with the experiments that were run on human beings, demonstrating the effect that a situation has on a person. An excellent example of a psychological experiment supporting the Power of Context would be the Stanford Prison Experiment, which was conducted in the early 1970s by Philip Zimbardo. Twenty-one random, psychologically healthy men were tested on in this experiment. Half of the men were chosen to be guards while the other half of the men were to be prisoners. In an area stimulated to be like a prison, the men were told to fulfill their duties as prisoners or as guards. The main objective of the Prison Experiment was not to see whether the men could carryout their roles, but was to test the effect of the situation of the “prison” on the “guards” and the “prisoners”. The experiment is significant because it demonstrates the
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expos assignment 1 - Esther Kang Professor Haladjian 2...

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