Lab 4 - Lab 4 Extraction Extraction process of removing a...

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Lab 4: Extraction Extraction : process of removing a compound of interest from a solution or solid mixture o you identify what you want to remove from the solution and taking it out Washing : removing impurities from compound of interest 3 Kinds of extraction : o Solid/Liquid – teabag in hot water o Liquid/Liquid – we’ll be doing o Acid/Base - *we’ll be doing Sketch of Apparatus : Fig 7.6 Separation of Solutes by Using solvents of different densities, so you must know densities of the liquids you use Solvents : o water and organic solvent o p.133 why water is used in extraction! *know Ideal Properties for Organic solvents in Extraction (Main Properties) o should readily dissolve substance to be extracted o should not be miscible with water (like oil and water)** unlike TLC and Recrystallization! o Why are methanol and ethanol not good extraction solvents? o Should not react with solute o other properties (p. 133) Partition (Distribution) Coefficients o **questions qualitatively and or quantitatively** exams o Partition (Distribution) Coefficients – ratio of solubilities o is an equilibrium constant with a certain value for: given substance pair of solvents temperature at elevated temps, solubility goes up How does temp react? Does it JUST solubility in organic solvent? or water? or both? etc o Symbol : k o Equation : k = (Concentration of C in organic Solvent) (concentration of C in water) Note: C = Solute This is the ratio after the 2 solvents are mixed o Solute will be more concentrated in the solvent in which it is more soluble o If a compound has a low dist. coefficient (k) for an extraction with a
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Lab 4 - Lab 4 Extraction Extraction process of removing a...

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