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Systems Physiology 01:146:356, Spring 2012 Tentative schedule of lectures Date Lecture topic Lecturer January 17 Introduction Merrill 19 Organization of the CV system 24 Regulation of heart rate 26 Regulation of blood pressure 31 Regulation of blood flow February 2 Organization of the respiratory system 7 Mechanics of ventilation 9 Exchange and delivery of blood gases 14 Regulation of respiration 16 Organization of the renal/urinary system 21 EXAM I 23 Elements of renal function 28 Clearance and glomerular filtration March 1 Regulatory functions of the kidneys 6
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Unformatted text preview: Organization of the nervous system Golfetti begins 8 Central nervous system 13 SPRING BREAK 15 SPRING BREAK 20 Peripheral nervous system 22 Neurons: resting potential and action potential 27 Neural communication: synaptic transmission 29 Autonomic nervous systems April 3 EXAM II 5 Endocrine system: Hypothalamic-pituitary axis 10 The adrenal cortex and medulla 12 Thyroid gland 17 The digestive system: organization and function 19 Motility and Secretions 24 Digestion and absorption 26 Metabolism and energy balance May 01 Reading days 03 Reading days 07 FINAL EXAM (Monday, 8:00 am- 11:00 am)...
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