Lecture 9 avant garde and documentary

Lecture 9 avant garde and documentary - Lecture #8"A...

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Lecture #8- “A movie” – BRUCE CONNOR, compliation film, uses intrumental soundtrack. -rhythmetic film/precise use of editing. - uses stuff from newsreels, documentaries, film leader “black title” - antithesis of CHC, puts “the end” in the very beginning of the film. Associated form- expressive themes, encourages us to look for meanings, look how music connects. 1. white, a movie, end of part 4, the end. 2. Indians, wagons, chage, music matches chase, race cars, crash, accidents, The end. 3. Movie footage, black leader, blimp, tite-rope, black, a movie by bruce connor, water, women, torpedo EXPLOSIOn, erotic. (ejaculation is the nuclear bomb. Music is instensifying. 4. Planes dropping missiles, huge explosions, tanks, ties in “morti” race car crashing. (black) parachute (black) people dead (black) Burning blimp, underwater (black) coral (black) Streetwise- direct cinema, actual people in real situations not influential. Lecuter #9- con’t of experimental Meshes of the afternoon- 14 min 1946. - independent film makers pop during wwII. - Surreal dominates, she is influenctial on david linen. - Experimental dance films (Haiti) - Rejects CHS, but it is made in Hollywood. - Thick effects--- influences by Melies. - Dream-like transe film - Beginning is poetic . - Sondtrack does not sync . - Loose narrative, continuous action. -
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Lecture 9 avant garde and documentary - Lecture #8"A...

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