Lecture 2 - Carly Geller ES112 Section#303 REthink...

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Carly Geller 2/19/12 ES112 Section #303 REthink Wisconsin Club Meeting This week, I attended REthink Wisconsin’s first club meeting. This student organization aims to promote students to “reduce, reuse, recycle” waste. They encourage their members to practice environmentally friendly actions throughout the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. They focus on promoting environmental education and the “adoption of strong sustainable waste management policies across campus.” This student organization is open to everyone who desires to be a member and is absolutely free. They offer tons of opportunities around Madison to get involved. The areas on concentration are on the dorms around campus, the two student unions, the athletic centers, as well as local businesses and restaurants. In this meeting, we spoke about a number of campaigns that will be run throughout the year. They are also very open to new ideas and new projects to get the community involved with sustainable practices for waste management. We spoke for a bit about the act of composting especially within the dormitories
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Lecture 2 - Carly Geller ES112 Section#303 REthink...

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