Midterm1 review sheet

Midterm1 review sheet - Similarities and differences b/t...

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Similarities and differences b/t public speaking and everyday conversation Methods of controlling nervousness and making it work for, rather than against, the speaker Identify and discuss the basic elements of the speech communication process Define ethnocentrism, and explain why speakers need to avoid it Explain why a strong sense of ethical responsibility is vital for public speakers List and discuss the 5 guidelines for ethical speechmaking Identify and differentiate among global plagiarism, patchwork plagiarism, and incremental plagiarism List and discuss the 3 basic guidelines for ethical listening Explain the difference between hearing and listening Explain why good listening is important to effective speechmaking Identify the 4 major causes of poor listening Discuss the 6 ways to become a better listener Explain why the effective use of language is vital to speech composition and public speaking Explain 4 methods one can use when having trouble choosing a speech topic Differentiate among he general purpose, specific purpose, and central idea of a
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This note was uploaded on 03/07/2012 for the course ENTOMOLOGY 201 taught by Professor Goodman during the Spring '12 term at Wisconsin.

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Midterm1 review sheet - Similarities and differences b/t...

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