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Intro Speech - Carly Geller CA100, Section #4 Aaron...

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Carly Geller CA100, Section #4 Aaron Introductory Speech 9/10/11 Tacked In Place A bulletin board can convey many messages; it can share memories, show the ones we hold nearest to our hearts, and it can remind us of places we have been, people we have seen. The different components that make up a bulletin board symbolize the many important and essential aspects that make me, Carly Lizette Geller. First, we have the board itself. The board is where everything originates. Without the board, there are no memories, loved ones, lessons learned or messages. Therefore, the board is a representation of my hometown, Baltimore, Maryland. It’s where I have lived my whole life and where I have had the majority of my memorable moments. Baltimore has always been the place I call my home, and I am so grateful that not only does my immediate family live there, but so does most of my extended family. Besides the fact that I have some family scattered in New Jersey and some in Los Angeles, my life is
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Intro Speech - Carly Geller CA100, Section #4 Aaron...

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