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Carly Geller 11/18/11 CA100 Aaron Dowdall Persuasive Speech Peer Assessment For Jared’s persuasive speech, I think he did a very solid job in both the writing and organization of the speech as well as the delivery. He quickly grabbed the audience’s attention by making us imagine ourselves as a part of the CIA. He then cleverly related that to the topic of the violent videogame, “Call of Duty-Modern Warfare II”. We were then provided with an internal preview of what was to come within the speech. Jared’s ideas were clearly conveyed within the organization of his speech, and his speech was easily understood by all. He also did quite well with his delivery; however, that would be the one aspect of his speech that could use a bit of additional improvement. As for the organization and writing of the speech, I believe Jared did a great job with making his ideas clear and keeping each main point separated so that the audience could easily follow along. From what I could tell, Jared used the Problem-Cause-Solution
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peerassessmentpersuasive - Carly Geller 11/18/11 CA100...

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