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Carly Geller 11/17/11 CA100 Aaron Dowdall Persuasive Speech Self-Assessment For my speech persuading my audience to join the Greek system in college, I think I did an overall pretty decent job. I took into consideration all of the comments made by my classmate who did the peer assessment on me from my informative speech as well as the comments that my TA gave me from my past speeches. I was sure to follow the specific guidelines for the writing of my outline and to speak about a topic that could be relevant to everyone in the class. Also, I improved the use of my visual aid, which was a weakness of mine from my last speech. I believe that I did well in the writing aspect of my speech but could have improved on parts of the delivery. As for my topic and organization, I believe I did a very good job. The topic was one that all of us college students could relate to. I grabbed everyone’s attention in the beginning of the speech by talking about common stereotypical “Greek-life” movies such
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selfassessmentpersuasive - Carly Geller 11/17/11 CA100...

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