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Unformatted text preview: Second part of handout for Language – Comm 101 Heritage:0II:2:Call 4 01 Mic: Woking three five one six? 02 Edg: Michael? 03 (.) 04 Mic: Hullo:? 05 Edg: This is Edgerton:. 06 Mic: Yes Edger[t ['n. 07 Edg: [.h[Michael look ah:: I'm I'm phonin:g uh on 08 beha:lf of Ilene and myse:lf. =We just heard abou:t 09 poor um (0.4) Margaret. 10 Mic: Yes ma:ddening isn't it.= 11 Edg: =Oh:hh Lord.< And we were wondering if there's anything 12 we can do to help< 13 Mic: [Well that's] 14 Edg: [I mean ] can we do any shopping for her or 15 something like tha:t? 16 (0.7) 17 Mic: Well that's most ki:nd Edgerton .hhh At the moment 18 no:. Because we've still got two bo:ys at home. 19 Edg: Of course. 20 (0.2) 21 Mic: Uh but uh Now I'm ho[ping she'll be better but= 22 Edg: [Well 23 Mic: =anyway thank you very much[for the o[ffer. 24 Edg: [Ye:s [Well I mean eh 25 tell her not (.) not to hesitate I mean if she [can 26 Mic: [Yeh 27 Edg: get to a telepho:ne,= 28 Edg: =Is[is she still fla[t on her back on a [on the on: 29 Mic: [Mm. [Oh yes [n­ No: 30 she's: ver­ uh vertical and walking rou::nd th[e hou:se, 31 Edg: [Ah yes, 32 Mic: .hh It's you know this[th­the problem of going from the= 33 Edg: [Yes 34 Mic: =vertical to the horizontal. 35 Edg: Ye:s. 36 (0.2) 37 Edg: Yes, (.) yes,[uh yeh.] 38 Mic: [ Ah ] And she's not dri:ving the car 39 yet which is se[nsible? 40 Edg: [Of course not. No:. No:. No. No. Uh well eh 41 anyway for the next few days [while things uh 42 Mic: [Ye:s. 43 Mic: Bu[t certainly sh[e's impro:ved. 44 Edg: [Yah. .hh [We:ll I mean i­ if if she has go:t uh 45 any problem. after the boys are ba[ck you kno:w uh well= 46 Mic: [Yes. 47 Edg: suppose it won't be for another uh= 48 Mic: =te[:n da:ys >[or so yes. < 49 Edg: [week or [(ten days) .hhhh (.) ah::: jus' jus' to 50 hone us u:[:p I me]an 51 Mic: [Alright.] Second part of handout for Language – Comm 101 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 (.) Mic: Well [thank you that's very ki:nd. Edg: [And ah:: And we k­ and we can get over in Edg: just a few mo[ments. You kno:w? to uh::, uhhh Mic: [Yes Edg: to hhh[look her u:p. Mic: [nhh uhh Mic: .hh Oh [that's ma:rvellous.= Edg: [and he:lp. Edg: =Mm[:. Mic: [Yes Edg: Well what a frightful thing How did it happen. Mic: She just bent o:ver as we were getting ready to go out h on Christmas[mo:rning. Edg: [Oh:: my God. (0.2) Mic: .h Y(h)es i[t ha'n't Edg: [uhh hu:hh, hu[:h ho: Mic: [It hasn't happened for ten yea:rs.= Edg: =ukhh huukhh uhk >Oh she's had it before.< Mic: Oh yes but not for te(h)n y(h)ea(h)[r(h)s. Edg: [Oh::: Lo:rd. Mic: Yes there we are. Edg: The:[re we are. Mic: [.tch (.) Edg: Ye[:s:, Mic: [(and it's m[addening) Edg: [Well Michael anyway there it i:s, and ah: an:d as I sa:y we uhm (.) we we: we would like to help if: Edg: uh if[she ever needs ah[:::: she's (in need). You know?= Mic: [Mm hm. [Oh well that's very good. Mic: =Yes:: (0.2) Mic: .t.hh [Ri:ght Edgert[on. Edg: [Yeh. Alright[Michael, (.) Mic: A very ha[ppy New Year. Edg: [Thank you and a happy well uh. The best the happiest [possible to yourself. Mic: [Hap­ year Yes. Edg: Ri:ght (.) Edg: By[e:, Mic: [Right g'bye, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­End Call­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Second part of handout for Language – Comm 101 Hyla and Nancy 01 ((ring)) 02 Nancy: H'llo:? 03 Hyla: Hi:, 04 Nancy: HI::. 05 Hyla: Hwaryuhh= 06 Nancy: =Fi:ne how'r you, 07 Hyla: Oka: y, 08 Nancy: Goo:d, 09 (0.4) 10 Hyla: ˙mkhhh hhh 11 Nancy: What's doin, 12 (∙) 13 Hyla: aAh:, noth i : n :, ...
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