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Me, myself and I – Perspectives on the Individual Introduction to Communication, 11/8/10 1. Is self “personality,” or is it constructed through communication, or…? 2. "Personality" -- The "enduring" self --The Communication Quiz --The "T-Test" --Traits 3. The self as socially constructed/constructed through communication --A multiplicity of selves (authenticity?) --The self in history: --Romanticism --Modernism --Post-modernism -- Multiphrenia (Gergen, The Saturated Self
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Unformatted text preview: )--Goffman, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life--impressions given (instrumental)--impressions given off (expressive)--Gender as socially constructed--Agnes (Garfinkel, Studies in Ethnomethodology ) 4. How do we find out who we are?--Self-concept--The looking-glass self (Adam Smith; Charles Horton Cooley)--symbolic interactionism--self-reflexive behavior--The Johari Window--self-disclosure 5. How do real people in the real world think about self?...
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