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self-disclosure+inventory+-+handout+1+side+2 - ’ economic...

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SELF‐DISCLOSURE INVENTORY For each item 1‐35, check the appropriate box Would definitely self- disclose Would probably self- disclose Don t know Would probably not self- disclose Would definitely not self- disclose 1 My religious beliefs 2 My attitudes toward other religions 3 My attitudes toward different nationalities and races 4 My political beliefs 5 My economic status 6 My views on abortion 7 My views on pornography 8 My views on premarital relations 9 My major pastime 10 My parents attitudes toward other religions 11 My parents attitudes toward different nationalities and races 12 My parents political beliefs 13 My parents
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Unformatted text preview: ’ economic status 14 My relationship with my parents 15 My sexual fantasies 16 My past sexual experiences 17 My perceived sexual attractiveness 18 My desired physical attractiveness 19 My most negative physical attribute 20 My physical condition or health 21 My ideal mate 22 My drinking behavior 23 My drug behavior 24 My gambling behavior 25 My personal goals 26 My most embarrassing moment 27 My unfulfilled desires 28 My major weakness 29 My major worry 30 My major strengths 31 My present happiness/unhappiness 32 My major mistakes 33 My general attractiveness 34 My general self-concept 35 My general adequacy...
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