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"Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" -- Relationships Introduction to Communication 11/18/10 1. Relationships as things we "have" vs. relationships as things we "do" 2. How do "romantic" relationships begin? 3. Knapp & Vangelisti’s Stages of relationship development --initiating --experimenting --intensifying --bonding --progressive commitment (Waller) 4. What moves people through relationships? non-interpersonal knowledge <----------> interpersonal knowledge (Miller & Steinberg) --self-disclosure high/low self-disclosure 4. Stable relationships --pet names, personal idioms, and private language --communication climate --defensive -supportive
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--dependencies and counter-dependencies --progressive and regressive spirals --self-fulfilling prophecies 5. How do relationships end? --When might they end? --Reasons for relationships ending
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Unformatted text preview: --dissatisfaction with partner--dissatisfaction with relationship--dissatisfaction with others--problems with circumstances--"Passing away"--new intimate enters the scene--expanding interaction distance--individual physical/psychological development--"Sudden death"--death of a partner--external and internal factors --unilateral action after unfulfilled promise--mismatched goals for relationship--unforeseen event--violation of rules for relationship 6. Stages of relationship dissolution (coming apart)--differentiating--circumscribing--stagnating--avoiding--terminating 7. Relationships in the new millenium micro-wave relationships (Gergen) the pure relationship (Giddens) the impact of cell phones & other social media 7. Relationships as things we "have" vs. relationships as things we "do"...
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101RELF2010 - --dissatisfaction with...

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