Outline+19+Carter+and+Ford - After the 1960s — Cynicism,...

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Unformatted text preview: After the 1960s — Cynicism, Defeat and Lower Expectations in the Age of Disco 1. Final (?) Exit of "Tricky Dick" — Watergate II. Ford -— Little to Do about Nothing A. Appointment of John D. Rockefeller as Vice President B. Pardoning Nixon C. Fall of Vietnam D. Negative Response to Economic Downturn - stagflation III. Jimmy Carter as President A. Carter: white, southern (Georgia) racial liberal, "born—again" Baptist, inexperienced and Washington outsider B. Carter's New Internationalism: Panama and Egypt—Israel C. Persistent Anti—Communism — Afghanistan D. Carter's Commitment to Human Rights E. Failure in Iran F. Carter Defines a National Crisis in Spirit IV. Reform in the 1970s — Affirmative Action and the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement A. "When Affiimative Action was White" B. Defining the Concept: state required action to correct racial/ gender injustices in the past — jobs, bussing, and college admissions C. Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon (Philadelphia Plan) D. the uneasy compromise of Bakke (1978) V. Reform in the 1970s — Women's Rights and the Beginnings of Identity Politics A. Moments of Triumph - Ladies Home Journal sit-in (1970) and Billie Jean King (1973) B. ERA — what went wrong? C. Establishing the Right to Privacy - Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) D. Row v. Wade (1973) Will Ford Pardon Nixon? Fall of Saigon 1974 1975 WELL, DICK, fill/7E EMA/KL)! YOUR WOO/V HAS fl/kA/ED 01/7 70 3E QUITE fl HEADACHE! film .JlimLJ HoNoRab/e MOWER, #Ie , mmeas 0F +he [45+ dAys 0F 34/54»: ARE, sh'l/ wifh me.. "ow 0/71 Now YOU MUEf/V’f M/ND fl/H/W PEOPLE SAY! I NEVER D/D/ SoMefiMes I Nondek W/vAv‘ My firm? AweRsAmEQmusf have fit He mu5f have SeeN pIcTuRes 0F if ALL . He mus)“ So I a/oNdeR, I reALLy (HONOR/2.. m’ ‘ - ' 9 .~ L” mauwrnaumayuvmwwv achlr %WLMO&%E}%E COME/776W W75. WT YOU wow—- EVE/VAFYE? MASS/PE HAS 70 55... WQ/MMT/Né E505”! WELL, WTS THE MAY /7 3. Corruption Hearings IranianRevolution 1978 1979 I! \ 0?. MAHDAVL Hach YOU RESFUND 7D (SQ/7705M 7HAT W NELU PEI/0" WON/RY EOVEQVMW/S RAP/ELY BECOM/Né 7HE WORSE CF 7200 EVILS ? WELL, YES, WT MAE 7H5 ONE/ML PLAN, BUT/775 EN77RELY FUSE/8L5 WERE WILL BE SOME WW/fi FOR INETANCE, WT 77/5 AmmLMH’s EMIM/C fiEPI/BL/C Is, /A/ #590: REWRN/NG WIN 70 7715 H7}! GENE/RY! I L .. z; ;_ _;-_,_-..:., __:r:z..;;, ,‘ H .-‘~. ' _ .. . l .;'.-‘7:r;.,. mmwm mm— WELL, ,Iwoemv’r L ; me wanna WMNK/NG 052 /F my CWLD WW m 700M00me nus OFH/S mWHm JUST LETS gamma/n: cw 7i-EMV/5H [WU/Es _ mums, 77p; .4 VERY - A mamwmvmwa ‘ -f PEOPLE MK HE varmsv‘r ‘ mow” 5y mm— v _ mama MAN, ,q/vp HOME. M7715? mam (WE/v0 ALL OVER SEEM 70mm . mun/mm House v _ WES/MPLYL/KE I175 He/E/vos OVER A 5/LLY HIM, EH? HUM/WSW m! " W 71;; ave-u. , 70 DO mms FOR . nova/2L5, HE EMO/OL'ELY 1 ' . was, some 0F as ARE 7RY/N8 7o aer/r/onvwz/P 70 THE A6150: ...
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Outline+19+Carter+and+Ford - After the 1960s — Cynicism,...

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