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Outline+Intro.+Lecture+Rockefeller+and+Steimer -...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction: Two Stories Development of the United States, End of Reconstruction (1877) to George W. Bush (2005) John D. Rockefeller --family background: German, NY—western NY (Conestoga)—Ohio; born 1839 (V an Buren-FDR); father bigarnist, con man; mother saint; candy story --early business experience: Cleveland; job day (9-26-55); Hewitt & Tuttle; railroads & telegraph; 6%; freed - slave «development of oil industry: Titusville; kerosene fiom sulfuric acid; age 25 bought out partners in Cleveland --Titan: business methods: detail, shipping, byproducts-- rationalize lead to domination; 1872 Cleveland massacre; kick backs rebates). Ida B. Tarbell and Teddy Roosevelt «breakup: 1911 Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Amoco, BP; Sherman Anti-Trust Act «philanthropy: 100,000/year by 1884; Frederick Gates, Spelman, Chicago, RIMR , John D. Rockefeller and Son themes: (1) monopoly -- concentration of industrial power (2) growth in state power parallels growth of industrial power (3) role of private initiative in arts and welfare--distinct fiom European welfare state Ida B. Tarbell Mollie Steimer -—imrnigrant: 1913 (age 16), Russian, Jewish; escaped 1884—1 914 persecution; steerage passenger -—life as seamstress and turn to anarchism: 50 hr week, Kroptkin; Yiddish paper --arrest for sedition: Abrams, Holmes, Brandeis; courageous role in trial—deportation «aftermath: deported by Lenin (1923); arrested as German Jew in France (1940); flees Nazis to Mexico City; does 1980 (age 83): co-conspirators—Stalin purge and Nazis at Minsk themes: (1)immigrants to find work as well as freedom (2) radicalism of American class relations (3) role of state power in controlling personal freedom as well as assuring it Mollie Steimer Mollie Steimer’s speech made in court during her trial under the Espionage Act October, 1918 Anarchism is a new social order where no group shall be governed by another group of people. Individual freedom shall prevail in the full sense of the word. Private ownership shall be abolished. Every person shall have an equal opportunity to develop himself well, both mentally and physically. We shall not have to struggle for our daily existence 1 as we do now. No one shall live on the product of others. Every person shall produce as much as he can,- and enjoy as much as he needs ~ receive according to his need. Instead of striving to get money, we shall strive towards education, towards knowledge. While at present the people of the world are divided into various groups, calling themselves nations, while one nation defies another - in most cases considers the others as competitive - we, the workers of the world, shall stretch out our hands towards each other with brotherly love. To the fulfillment of this idea I shall devote all my energy, ' and, if necessary, render my life for it. ...
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Outline+Intro.+Lecture+Rockefeller+and+Steimer -...

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