Assignment1-2010 - ChE 263 Assignment #1 (Excel HW #1)...

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ChE 263 Assignment #1 (Excel HW #1) Note: Use Excel for all problems. Remember that on all Excel assignments, some points will be given for following the recommended practice of naming variables and for presentation (formatting). For each problem please use a separate spreadsheet and highlight your answers! 1. (10 pts) If you have not already done so, obtain a CADEM account. When you sign up for an account, you will be given the access code to the CADEM computer labs in CB425 and CTB415. a. In order to confirm that your account is active and up to date, enter one of these rooms and log into a computer. a.i. Record the last digit of the door access code in box “A1” of the first sheet in your work book? 2. (Competency 5.2, 40 points) The rate of heat transfer (q) from a heated flat plate with a cool fluid stream flowing across it can be found by: q = h ΔT where h is the heat transfer coefficient and ΔT is the change in temperature between the cool fluid and the plate. The heat transfer coefficient is related to Nu, the dimensionless Nusselt number, through where L is the plate length, k is the fluid’s thermal conductivity, Pr is the dimensionless Prandtl number and Re the dimensionless Reynolds number. The last two quantities are calculated according to
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Assignment1-2010 - ChE 263 Assignment #1 (Excel HW #1)...

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