Assignment3-2010 - ChE 263 Assignment #3 (Excel HW #3)...

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Unformatted text preview: ChE 263 Assignment #3 (Excel HW #3) Email finished assignment to Tania Uribe at . The assignment is due before the beginning of the next class period. Save your completed assignment as lastname-firstname-HW#-Sect#.xls (e.g. Bundy-Brad-HW#2-Sect#1.xls). The title of your email should be the same as the name of your assignment. Complete each question in a different worksheet and rename each worksheet Question 1, Question 2, etc. 1. (Competency 2.1, 25 points) Solve for all the real roots (where x = 0) between x = -6 and x= 6 of the equation: . (Remember that graphing helps you make a guess). Hint: there are 4 real roots After you have solved the problem, answer the following (for points). Briefly list which skills, learned in class, were used to solve the problem. Are these skills useful to only the particular type of problem given here or are they broadly applicable? Defend your position....
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Assignment3-2010 - ChE 263 Assignment #3 (Excel HW #3)...

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