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ChE 263 Assignment #6 (VBA HW#1) 1. Reading Assignment #1 (20 points) VBA Lesson #1 Handout Course Text “Introduction to VBA for Excel, 2 nd Ed” Chapters 1 – 3 Label a worksheet “Reading” and enter “yes” into cell A1 if you read the Handout and enter “yes” into cell A2 if you read the assigned reading for the “Previous Text for this Course”. Otherwise enter “no” or the % of the reading that you did do. 2. (Competencies 5.4 50 points) Label a new worksheet Problem #2 and complete the following, taken from problem 1.1 in your text. Suppose that we have a cylindrical tank with radius r (m) and height h (m). If the tank is being filled with crude oil at flow rate F (m 3 /min) for a period of time t (min), write a macro to determine whether it overtops. Name the macro “tank()”. The program should consist of the following steps: Input the following text into Cells A1 through A6: r , h , F , t , tank V , Crude Oil V respectfully. In the C column type in the corresponding units as specified in the problem
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