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ChE 263 Assignment #9 (VBA HW#4) The Reading Assignment is Chapter 12 of the Chapra text. This is a reference and you do not need to read it if you feel you understand loops. To continue practicing defining variables, include “ Option Explicit ” at the beginning of every module for the following problems. 1. (5 points) Complete the midcourse evaluation which will or has been sent to you by email. This is done by the center for teaching and learning and I have no idea who made what comment. I appreciate your honest feedback so that I can improve your learning experience. The evaluation will only be up until Friday Oct 9 th , so please complete it ASAP. In a worksheet labeled “Problem 1” indicate if you completed the evaluation or not. 2. (Competency 5.4 - 25 points) Record what will be displayed when the following code is run in a worksheet entitled “Problem 2”. Do the problems by hand. You can check them by coding a subroutine if you desire. 3.
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