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Unformatted text preview: ChE 263 Assignment #17 (Mathcad® HW #5) Note: This homework assignment is to be done using Mathcad®. Also assignment continues on the back of this sheet. 1. (Competency 2.1, 5.3; 25 points) For each of the following three functions: determine the symbolic representation of showing a. b. c. , , 2 and , and make a single plot . 3 2. (Competency 2.1, 5.3; 15 points) For f x,y sin x cos y evaluate the following derivatives at x 1 and y 1. a. b. c. 3. (Competency 2.1, 5.3; 10 points) Evaluate each of the following indefinite integrals symbolically. a. b. 2 4. (Competency 2.1, 5.3; 10 points) Evaluate each of the following definite integrals symbolically. a. b. (the volume of a cylinder) 5. (Competency 2.1, 5.3; 15 points) Evaluate each of the following definite integrals numerically. a. √ b. in cm3, when R = 1 cm (The volume of a sphere) c. asin in degrees (i.e. from 0 degree to 1 degree) 6. (Competency 2.1, 3.1.1, 5.3, 6.1 20 points) The first column is the temperature in Kelvin and the second is the heat capacity in J kmol-1 K-1. The following expression has been published for the heat capacity of ethane sinh sinh 3 where A = 4.0326⋅10 , B = 1.3422⋅10 , C = 1.6555⋅10 , D = 7.3223⋅104, E = 7.5287⋅102. a. For the temperature dependence of the heat capacity of ethane, plot the above equation over temperatures ranging from the freezing/melting point to the critical temperature (hint: dippr has both values tabulated). b. The heat needed to raise the temperature of a low-pressure gas can be obtained by integrating the heat capacity from the initial to the final temperature. Calculate the heat needed to raise 7.5 moles of ethane from an initial temperature of 200 K to 500 K. 4 5 7. (5pts) Fill out corresponding online survey of homework time on blackboard. Email finished assignment to David McClellan at [email protected] The assignment is due before the next class period. Save your completed assignment as “lastname-firstname-HW#-Sect#.xmcd” ...
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