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101 Final practice written

101 Final practice written - Chem 101 F10 Nielson Practice...

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Chem 101 F10 Nielson Practice Final 1. Circle the correct word to complete the sentence. a. Salt dissolves in water. This is a physical / chemical change. b. If the pressure of a gas increases, the volume / temperature / gas constant R must increase, if all other properties remaining constant. c. The ability of an atom within a molecule to attract electrons is called its ionization energy / electronegativity . d. When there is a decrease in the amount of oxygen in a compound, then oxidation / reduction has occurred. 2. Predict the ionic compounds that would be formed from the following ions and name the compound. (6 pts) Compound Name The compound made from the ions of Ca and S. (You have to predict the ions first.) NH 4 + and PO 4 3 - Cu 2+ and ClO 4 - 3. 0.015 kg of ethanol is heated with 0.30 kJ of heat. If the starting temperature of the ethanol was 4 o C, what is the final temperature, in o C, assuming that no heat is lost to the surroundings? Specific heat of ethanol = 2.51 J/g- o C Ans: __________________
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4. Define the term dynamic equilibrium and give an example of a dynamic equilibrium in chemistry.
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