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Burning Money - experiment so that the bill is on fire...

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Chem 101 Discussion Board for Science Salon Burning Money (without going to jail) A dollar bill was borrowed (and given back!) and soaked in a solution of 50% ethanol and 50% water. Then the bill was lit on fire. 1. Why did it light on fire? Give a chemical reason why. 2. Why didn’t the bill burn up? Can you give a chemical reason why using the concepts we studied in class this week? 3. How long was the bill on fire? Make a suggestion on how you could change the
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Unformatted text preview: experiment so that the bill is on fire longer, but still doesn’t burn up. 4. How might the length of soaking the bill in the solution affect the experiment? 5. Do you think this experiment works with other paper materials? Other organic/aqueous solutions? Why or why not? 6. Would you do this experiment with a $500 bill? Whose face is on a $500 bill and when was he president (extra bonus trivia)?...
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