Ch 2 Energy

Ch 2 Energy - of the water is 34.2 o C, what is the...

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Chem 101 Nielson Ch 2 Energy, specific heat capacity 1. Calculate the specific heat of a solid in J/g o C and cal/g o C if 1638 J raises the temperature of 125 g of the solid from 25.0 o C to 52.6 o C. 2. How much energy is needed to heat 8.0 g of water from 42.0 o C to 45.0 o C? 3. The specific heat of zinc is 0.096 cal/g o C. Determine the energy required to raise the temperature of 250.0 g of zinc from 24 o C to 150.0 o C. 4. If 40.0 kJ of energy is absorbed by 500.0 g of water at 10 o C, what is the final temperature of the water?
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5. A cup of 94% fat free popcorn was burned in a homemade calorimeter. If the temperature of the water was raised 62.0 o C, how many Calories were in the popcorn? There was 250.0 g of water in the calorimeter. (Assume all the heat from the reaction was transferred to the water.) 6. Here’s another way to use a calorimeter: A sample of a metal with a mass of 212 g is heated to 125.0 o C and then dropped into 375 g water at 24.0 o C. If the final temperature
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Unformatted text preview: of the water is 34.2 o C, what is the specific heat of the metal? 7. 75.0 g of ice are left in a cup on the counter and eventually melt. How much heat is required to melt the ice? The heat of fusion of water is 334 J/g. The heat of vaporization of water is 2.260 kJ/g. 8. Calculate the amount of heat you would need to convert 18.0 g of ice at -25 o C to steam at 125 o C. Heat of fusion of water = 334 J/g Heat of vaporization of water = 2.260 kJ/g Specific heat of ice = 2.03 J/g K Specific heat of water = 4.18 J/g K Specific heat of steam = 1.84 J/g K Key 1. 0.475 J/g o C or 0.114 cal/g o C 2. 24 cal 3. 3.02 kcal 4. 29.1 o C 5. 15.5 Calories 6. 0.831 J/g o C This one is challenging! Here are some hints to help. #1 The energy of the hot metal = the energy used to heat up the water. #2 The final temperature of the metal is the same as the final temperature of the water. 7. 25.0 kJ 8. 56.0 kJ (If you solve this, you can solve anything!)...
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Ch 2 Energy - of the water is 34.2 o C, what is the...

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