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Alexandria Hilliard AC 206 Sec 002 Problems: BE1-3, BE1-4, P1-18A, P1-19A BE1-3 1) Period cost 9) Period costs 2) Product cost 10)Period Costs 3) Product cost 11)Period Costs 4) Period cost 12) Period Cost 5) Period cost 13)Period Cost 6) Period costs 14) Period Cost 7)Product Cost 15) Product Cost 8)Product Cost BE1-4 Sales 1,450,000 Cost of goods sold Beginning Merchandise Inventory 240,000 Add: Purchases 950,000 Goods Available for Sale 1,190,000 Deduct: Ending Merchandise Inventory -170,000 1,020,000 Gross Margin 430,000 Selling and Administrative Expenses Selling Expenses 210,000 Adminstrative Expenses 180,000 390,000 Net Operating Income 40,000 P1-18A-Schedule of cost of goods manufactured 9,000 Direct Materials: 125,000 Beginning raw materials inventory 134,000 Add: Purchases of raw materials 6,000 Raw materials available for use 128,000 Deduct: Ending raw materials inventory Raw materials used in production 70,000 Direct Labor 105,000 Manufacturing overhead 303,000 17,000
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