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Chem 101 Discussion Board for Science Salon Cotton Today’s experiment used 3 different types of cotton (in order of use): regular cotton, cotton treated with boric acid, and cotton treated with nitric acid, also called gun cotton. 1. Describe what you saw when the three different types of cotton were put near a flame. 2. Do you think the second cotton just had a surface coating of boric acid or whether it was mixed in throughout the cotton? You could ask this same question of the third cotton treated with nitric acid. What experiment would you propose to find out? 3. Here are three observations about burning gun cotton.
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Unformatted text preview: Any explanations for these phenomena? a. The tile that the cottons were burned on was wet after the combustion of gun cotton. b. If you burn gun cotton on a filter paper, the paper does not burn. c. There are no ashes when you burn gun cotton. 4. Here are the structures of gun cotton and TNT. What group of atoms is similar in each of the structures? (The R just means there is more to the molecule, but we don’t need to know exactly what it is to answer this question.) CH 3 NO 2 NO 2 O 2 N O OR NO 2 O 2 N R NO 2 TNT gun cotton...
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