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chap3hw - 60 Parts management 300 board etching 4.5 General...

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Alexandria Hilliard ACCT206-001 BE3-3, E3-6, P3-13, P3-18A BE3-3 Activity cost Pool Labor related Machine related Machine setups Production orders Shipments General Factory Direct Materials cost/unit Direct labor cost/unit # units produced/year Direct labor-hours Machine-hours Machine setup Production orders Shipments E3-6 (a) Manufacturing Overhead is debited (b) Activity Cost Pool: Labor related 7 Purchase orders
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Unformatted text preview: 60 Parts management 300 board etching 4.5 General Factory © Activity Cost Pool Labor related-7000 Purchase orders 12000 Parts management-6000 board etching-10000 General factory P3-13 1) Serving party Serving a diner Serving Drinks $33,000/6,000=5.5 $138000/15000=9.2 $24,000/10,000=2.4 2) 5.5*4=22 9.2*4=36.8 2.4*3=7.2 9.2*2=18.4 9.2*1=9.2 2.4*2=4.8 P3-18A...
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