ANTH10-17 - Chapter 8-Economic Systems...

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October 17, 2011 Chapter 8-Economic Systems Substructure-Environment we live in Modes of Production-Subsistence Modes of Reproduction-Sharing Economic Systems All cultures have a form of economic systems because they all have some form of subsistence. Cultures have a means of producing, distributing, and reproducing. The Yam Complex in Trobriand Culture Trobriand island men devote a great deal of time and energy raising yams, not for themselves but to give to others (sisters and married daughters). Yams switch hands from a woman to her husband in order to show respect for the husband. The more yams a man has in his yam house, the higher his status; shows the man is well respected and liked. Control of Land and Water Resources Access to land and freshwater is a natural resource all living people must obtain Certain societies have private ownership of these resources where others divide them up among who has occupied that area of land the longest. Food Foraging
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ANTH10-17 - Chapter 8-Economic Systems...

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