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Edgar Co Excel Project Fa11 Part 1AZ

Edgar Co Excel Project Fa11 Part 1AZ - Excel Project 1...

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Excel Project 1, Using the Horizonatal Model Accrual Accounting: Edgar Company Part 1 Instructions: Transactions for 2011: Edgar Company, Inc was formed on January 1, 2011 Year end is December 31. Events affecting the 2011 period 1. Acquired cash of $175,000 from the issue of common stock. 2. Borrowed $115,000 cash from the bank on May 1, 2011. 3. Incurred $122,000 of operating expenses on account during the year. 4. Paid $57,500 cash for other operating expense 5. Recognized revenue on account of $223,700 6. Paid owners $4,500 of dividends 7. Collected $217,200 cash on the accounts receivable. 8. Paid $185,000 to purchase land that cost $50,000 cash and a building that cost $135,000 9. Paid $105,500 on the accounts payable during the year. Information for adjusting entries 10. Incurred salary expense of $17,400 on December 31, 2011. 11. Accrued interest expense for loan in item # 2. Terms: interest rate 6%, due and payable in one year. (115,000)(.06)(8/12) = 4600 On this Excel workbook there are 4 tabs. The instruction tab you are currently reading. The second tab is the 2011 Horizontal Model Tab,
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