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Cover Letter - as excelling in my work environment • I...

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Alexandria Hilliard 2525 W. Williamsport Ln Boise, ID 83705 (208) 899-0679 - [email protected] 10/24/2011 Mr. John Williams Treasure Valley Fitness 7211 W. Colonial Street Boise, ID 83709 Dear Mr. Williams I saw your post regarding a front desk position at Treasure Valley Fitness and I believe I would be a perfect candidate for the position. I have a lot of experience with customer service and I have professional phone skills. Not only do I possess professional phone skills but I also have excellent written and verbal communication skills. I aim to please people which leads to my strong customer service skills as well
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Unformatted text preview: as excelling in my work environment. • I have previous experience working in a fast paced environment. • Used my professional skills and training to positively change client’s mind about a product. • I have organized team building events for business personnel. I would like to thank you for your time and I have enclosed my resume that shows other professional skills and experiences I have. I would greatly appreciate an interview and my contact information is listed above. Sincerely, Alexandria Hilliard Enclosure: Resume...
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