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Alexandria Hilliard Student ID #-112147394 Final Quiz Culture -A society’s shared and socially transmitted ideas, values, and perception, which are used to make sense of experiences and generate behavior and are reflected in that behavior.” Since taking this class I have become more aware of the vast American culture that I am a part of, but more importantly I have noticed and started to really think about the college culture I am personally a part of and how I fit into it. It’s interesting to see how college students interact on a daily basis. The college culture has changed dramatically from how we interact to the things students are doing to just to get that “tough project” done. The college culture is one for learning, experimenting, and experiencing new and exciting things. A lot of students take this opportunity and run with it; along with that they choose to use and abuse the things they are experimenting with. I am not one to judge by any means, I believe in trying everything once. Although, I have seen students go really down-hill when they started
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culture-ANTH - Alexandria Hilliard Student ID #-112147394...

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