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Negative News Letter - Alexandria Hilliard Bus Com 201-004...

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Alexandria Hilliard Bus Com 201-004 September 1, 2012 Paris Hilton 5252 W. California Blvd Beverly Hills, California 90210 Dear Paris Hilton, Thank you for expressing your interest in the Graduate Nursing Program here at Goldstar College. The Board of Admissions was really impressed by your application, paper, and interview session. Although this year we had a record number of applicants for our October 2012 program. Each year at Goldstar College we receive around three hundred applications for our Nursing Program. Our nursing program is one of the more recognized and competitive nursing programs in the country and we receive applications from all over the country; even some from Mexico and Canada. Our program is such a competitive program because we have small class sizes, giving our students more hands on training which leaves only thirty students to be permitted into our Nursing Program. We are sad to inform you that you have not been accepted into the Goldstar Graduate Nursing Program. The applicants that were admitted had many hours doing volunteer internships at
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