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Alex Hilliard Jim Gatfield Communications 101 Communication activity report #3 U of I versus BSU football game After attending one of the Bronco football games on Saturday against the University of Idaho Vandals I realized that there was a lot more going on than I thought. The first thing that caught my attention (term #1-p 44) was a sign that was demeaning towards the vandals. It made me laugh. Shortly after seeing that sign my friend turned to me and mumbled something about the score and how the game was going to be a blow out but I could not understand what she said and felt like I needed to have someone interpret (term #2-p m46) her. I don’t have any of the football players in my classes so at the game I was wondering what their self-concept (term #3-p 50) is, how they view themselves, and if they have a higher self-esteem (term #4-p 50) because they are football players. After learning some terms I wonder if they see themselves wining every
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Unformatted text preview: game if it’s not just talent like a self-fulfilling prophesy (term #5-p 50). By taking the time to just look around and observe people, I realized that people were very mindful (term #6-p 67) of the game and everything that was going on. A lot of the time throughout the game so many people would be talking at the same time and it felt like message overload (term #7-p 72). Idaho has a chant the goes “I-D-A-H-O, Idaho, Idaho, go, go, go” and the “go, go, go” part is similar to using trigger words (term #8-p 72) because they are trying to get the Bronco fans riled up. At the end of the game when both teams slap each other’s hands it is both symbolic (term #9-p 88) and shows a lot of civility (term #10-p 81). After the game I realized how bad of a headache I had gotten from all of the external noise (term #11-p 12)....
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