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exercise _2 section 30 outline

exercise _2 section 30 outline - o List each item you...

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Exercise #2 – Perceptions Due Monday, Sept 14th Use proper citations when quoting or paraphrasing out of your text Typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins One page  (answer each question completely)   10 points Describe specific elements of the “What is it?” in-class experience relating to each of the first four  steps in the Perception  process:   o Attention (Ch. 3, p. 44) o Selection (pp. 44-45) o Organization (pp. 45-46) o Interpretation  (p. 46) From the exercise . . . o List each item you were  able to identify, and explain why you were able to identify the  item(s).  (Ch. 3, pp. 46-48, the four points in “Problems with Perception”)
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Unformatted text preview: o List each item you weren’t able to identify, and explain why you weren’t able to identify the item(s). (Ch. 3, pp. 46-48, the four points in “Problems with Perception”) • Relate the “What is it?” in-class experience to people. Specifically, what can you do to improve your own perception process when interacting with others, especially when meeting people for the first time? (Ch. 3, pp. 57-60, the five points in “Improving Perception”) • Describe what you learned from this exercise. bsu exercise 2 2009...
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