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Group speech outline - healthy lifestyle after making...

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Alex Hilliard Communications 101 Jim Gatfield I. Eating healthy is the most important aspect of trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle. A. Make sure you not only have a well-balanced diet, but that you are also eating in moderation. B. Keep a journal; being able to keep track of your calorie in-take is the most efficient way to ensure not only to prevent eating too much but to be able to make sure you are eating enough. C. When trying to eat healthy foods, eating organic foods is even better for your body, immune system, and for digestion. However, treating yourself to a dessert every once in awhile is okay. I told you about some ways to maintain healthy eating goals, now I will tell you some ways to maintain an active lifestyle. II. When pursuing a healthy lifestyle make sure your choices reflect those of someone who has the same goal. A. Having a regular exercise routine is the second most important goal to living a
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Unformatted text preview: healthy lifestyle, after making healthy eating decisions. B. Some easy ways to start increasing exercise would be to turn off the TV, walk more, do some extra chores, and leaving extra time in your week to do more focused work-outs. C. Exercising regularly will boost your metabolism, help you balance your weight, help regulate your mood, regulate your sleep cycle, and help combat chronic diseases. III. A third way to live a healthy lifestyle is learning different ways to deal with stress and everyday hassles. A. Have time to play because it is not just for kids and you can get a good cardio work-out. B. Making time for loved ones and friends without the everyday hassles of work, school, and daily chores getting in the way. C. Know how to reward yourself after accomplishing goals that you set and dealing with everyday inconveniences is crucial to staying happy and healthy....
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Group speech outline - healthy lifestyle after making...

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