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Caity's journal - telling them what to teach their...

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Eguia Caitlynn Eguia Joy Kidwell English 101-009 May 5, 2009 Journal Essay What is knowledge? How do we know what we know? How do you acquire something? How does it change? Who decided to call a ball, a ball? Who decides all these things?! Wow! These are some pretty deep questions. Where to start? We have to write an essay bout knowledge and how and/or where we get it. I think it’s going to be pretty tough; I mean, where DO we get our knowledge? Teachers, strangers, media, personal experiences, etc. but where do they get their information from? It’s just an ongoing cycle that to me seems as though it may never end. I don’t think that we can learn from angels or a higher power in our unconscious sleep because the things that everybody knows can be so different. We learn in church, we learn from our parents and other family members, and from any people that we interact with throughout our lives. Some people think that our knowledge may come from God whispering in parents’ ears
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Unformatted text preview: telling them what to teach their children, and that may be very so but we will never know. Then there are some people that think that knowledge came about from Greek civilization, but where did they get it? In fact, my younger sister and I were having a conversation and all of a sudden she starts asking me these deep, intriguing questions. It first started off with what is the meaning of life and what are we here for? It soon turned into her wondering where the Egyptians got the ideas to build their pyramids and how they did it. She is very knowledgeable and I love her to death but the conversation quickly turned to talking about double standards in today’s society. I think that the way our minds wander is something that has to do with our knowledge as well. The Eguia knowledge that people possess can be so unexplainable and intriguing at the same time. Knowledge has something to do with everything in life....
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Caity's journal - telling them what to teach their...

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